As we were strolling through Seville’s narrow streets (Jack and me) a group of piled old tiles caught my attention. I like old tiles, specially XVI Century ones from Triana. I have collected a few, besides they are ideal for decorating and restoring. I can think of many uses for them in architecture, both for modern style buildings as well as for decorational purposes in restorations. They can enrich a floor, a wall, a kitchen, the living room, a dinning room or even a garage…it is all a matter of taste and imagination. They can upgrade a simple entrance, add an artistic touch maybe, a shabby chic touch or a sophisticated antique one. I have used them for making benches, fountains, for decorating windows and also had them framed just to show them as a sample collection. i really find them versatile as well as a particular distinctive ornamental element from this particular region.

In this small shop, we could see pieces from different periods, but mainly from XIX th and beginning of XX th Century. Some curious XVI tiles, and old pots used for bird nesting «zuriteras» (used for the «zurita» doves, and for construction isolation purposes such as the light ceramic round pieces «peruleras» shown below.

There were also both copper and golden-yellow enamelled tiles, some marble sinks and some religious panels. The shop looks a little untiddy and dusty, with tiles in different boxes or piled on the floor… which adds an extra «archaeologial ambiance» as if we could discover a curious piece at any minute hidding among the others.



these above are the ones that were used for preventing humidity «peruleras»(XIX entury) and were put in the walls or ceilings. The ones below look like «olambrillas» but are designed in a group of four and were used for a 1992 building in Seville.


Cerámica Nazaret specialises in hand painted tiles, reproductions and old tiles from XVI century onwards. It is located in Calle Feria 15, Seville.



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