RADIUS, a sensible present idea…/ RADIUS, una idea sensata para regalar…

¿Por qué no regalamos algo útil y que aquello que ofrecemos refleje que nos importa que se cuiden, su salud y que estén bien?¿Y si además se trata de un objeto divertido y útil al mismo tiempo? No teneis que gastaron necesariamente mucho dinero en regalos caros.  Esto es sólo un pequeño detalle con cariño para entregar una sorpresa extra …

Más que un cepillo de dientes, es un cepillo para limpiar toda la boca! …Es hacer del cepillado «una experiencia agradable y placentera» «Experiencia y» conseguir un limpieza superior «.

Bueno, sé que esto es únicamente un cepillo de dientes, pero no se trata de uno cualquiera … Estos son los mejores cepillos que conozco. Cuando los vi hoy me acordé de que a mi madre hace algunos años le regalaron uno y le encantó. No me pude resistir y compré algunos más para la familia … además de que son coloridos, duran más; hasta 9 meses y tienen muchas otras ventajas!

Los cepillos RADIUS cuentan con asas ergonómicas para diestros y para zurdos. Estos cepillos son libres de BPA y perfectos para los que usan aparatos de ortodoncia.


Why not something useful and that will mean you care for them and for their  health?, What about a fun and functional present at the same time? It does´t necessarily have to be an expensive present to show you care. This is just a thoughtful little something as an extra surprise…

It is more than a tooth brush, its a mouth wash…an enjoyable «Brushing Experience & «Superior Clean».

Well, I know these are just tooth brushes, but not quite like ordinary ones… These are the best I know. When I saw them today I remembered  my mother had one of those some years ago and she loved it. I couldn´t help buying some more for the family… besides they are colourful, last longer , up to 9 months and have so many other advantages!

RADIUS brushes have  adapted ergonomic handles for both left or right hand users. These brushes are bpa free and perfect for braces too.

Lasts longer than ordinary brushes – replace every 9 months.
6500 nylon bristles with a very high tuft count – removes plaque more effectively.
Wide oval head distributes pressure, protects and massages sensitive gum tissue.
Right or left hand ergonomic handle promotes comfortable and precise brushing.
60% of our users report it lasting three times longer than a standard toothbrush. Dramatically increases softness and efficacy of brushing with 65% more bristle tufts than ordinary toothbrush.
Our cellulose handle is made from trees and processed from sustainable yield forests into 100% renewable resource plastic.
Beautiful Beach Glass Collection with unique bubbles in each toothbrush handle currently available for purchase.
accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Gift sets are also available and you can even get travel cases to match your brushes keep your brush safe and clean in yor bag or suitcase.

The Company philosophy is concerned with susteinability. Cleaning your mouth and the Environment at the same time! The Source Toothbrush reduces waste by 93% with its re-usable handle made from 50% Recycled Plastic combined with 50% Recycled Natural Fibers.

The Source Toothbrush provides an all-over mouth clean that leaves you feeling like you just went to the Dentist.

With 4500 premium bristles (200% more), the soft, wide head of fanned out bristles helps improve gum health by massaging sensitive gums while brushing. Healthy gums are proven to help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Ordinary toothbrushes are either too hard or too small to massage the gums. The head of the Source was designed to be smaller than other RADIUS toothbrushes in order to target different mouth types and brushing styles. A long, slim, unbreakable neck allows for a longer reach for hard to reach back teeth. The ergonomic handle ensures a relaxed grip that reduces pressure on the teeth and sensitive gum tissue, helping to protect the gumline, reduce receding & bleeding gums and enamel erosion.

Available in various materials like Recycled Wood and Recycled Dollar Bills. Reversible handle allows for both Right and Left-handed brushers. Bristles are 100% Vegetable Based Nylon for a petroleum free option. Product is BPA Free, Latex Free and Phthalates Free. RADIUS is a different kind of company…we evolve the objects used in your daily life: well designed and quality, they can make life easier and add joy to any task while being sensitive to our impact on the environment. RADIUS is the only American Dental Association recommended natural toothbrush brand in the USA. Orthodontist Recommended as great for braces.

This company has different models Scuba, Original, for kids,for babies, Source, etc… I just bought a few at  COSMECEUTICAL CENTER in Seville, at San Vicente street nº 11 .

Have a look at the web page:

http://www.cosmeceutical.com or at  www.radiustoothbrush.com


RADIUS was founded on the Caribbean island of Tortola. James O’Halloran and Kevin Foley were architects who were fascinated by the idea of a functional and enjoyable toothbrush. They were appalled at the small head, hard toothbrushes of the day. Research indicates that the major problem in oral hygiene is that of compliance -people don’t use toothbrushes for long enough and tend to keep their toothbrush for too long. Dentists believe that with diligence – teeth and gums could be perfectly maintained for a lifetime. The average
brushing time is from 31 to 65 seconds, depending on age or sex. The average toothbrush is thrown away after 10 months. RADIUS aimed to make the toothbrush comfortable,
enjoyable and effective. With a mass of very soft bristles, a large head area for low pressure brushing and a comfortable handle, this toothbrush would let you brush lightly and accurately.
RADIUS Original Toothbrush
Scuba ToothbrushThe Original Toothbrush was designed in early 1982 and was followed by a lengthy gestation period that lasted until late 1983. The partners moved themselves and families from Tortola to Manhattan for final product development.The final design had 5,500 very thin bristles (about 2/3 the thickness of an Oral B 40 and four times more bristles). It came in right or left handed versions and the body of the toothbrush was made of cellulose, a plant based plastic.

The design was revolutionary – nobody had ever thought of using very fine filaments or of using a large head to lower pressure on the gums. The idea of actually making a handle that responded to the right and left orientation of the world’s population was regarded as scandalous. This design did not fit into one of those little slots that toothbrushes were sold from – that had been the main determinant

of the shape of a toothbrush for 50 years.The head was an organic oval shape – the tufts of bristles arranged so that they did not line up in parallel – this meant that they did not repetitively track along the gum line and cause cervical erosion. In 1982 all other toothbrushes had rectangular heads – but by 1992, all had followed RADIUS into oval heads.RADIUS was established in a loft building in New York’s Flatiron District, with a subcontractor in Leominster, Mass. making the brushes. We began selling to design stores, pharmacies and mail order catalogs.


Sobre Radius podeis leer más sobre las diferencias más importantes en la web http://www.cosmeceuticalcenter.com/MARCAS/RADIUS/17 . Tienen estos cepillos un diseño súper original y totalmente ergonómico. Los mangos están fabricados con celulosa 100% natural que proviene de bosques de rendimiento sostenible (ecológico). Es un producto 100% reciclable. La energía utilizada en su fabricación es 100% solar. Otro valor añadido, al que también doy mucha importancia, es que al no estar fabricados en plástico, están libres de BPP (Bisfenoles, concretamente, del famoso y peligroso Bisfenol A) . Pasado el periodo de adaptación de los primeros días a Radius, luego se nota que el cepillado vertical es mucho más correcto, se elimina más placa y los cepillos pequeños convencionales luego se ven ridículos. Y en concreto, hablando de la higiene bucal, que los cepillos de dientes Radius, son de los poquitos (por no decir los únicos) libres totalmente de BPA (Bisfenol A), compuesto presente en los plásticos (derivados del petróleo) que no deben ser utilizados en productos destinados a mujeres embarazadas, madres lactantes, bebes o niños (tetinas, biberones, chupetes…), debido a que alteran las concentraciones hormonales. Cada vez más, las nuevas investigaciones apuntan a que el BPA puede resultar cancerígeno y aportar alteraciones varias al organismo, desde obesidad a diabetes o problemas de fercordialtilidad.

Algunos países europeos ya han comenzado a regular el uso de disruptores endocrinos. Por ejemplo, Francia ya ha prohibido el uso del bisfenol A (BPA) en todos los materiales que estén en contacto con alimentos infantiles. Bélgica también ha prohibido el uso de bisfenol A en materiales en contacto con alimentos para niños menores de 3 años. Suecia, en la misma línea, ha prohibido este químico en materiales en contacto con alimentos. Dinamarca, por su parte, prohibió el año pasado cuatro tipos de ftalatos (DEHP, DBP, DIBP y BBP) en cortinas de baño, manteles y otros bienes de consumo. Las autoridades danesas ya prohibieron en 2012 el uso de bisfenol A en materiales en contacto con alimentos infantiles. En España, La Guía de buenas prácticas para la mejora de la salud en el trabajo por razones de reproducción y maternidad, del Ministerio de Trabajo, incluye a los disruptores endocrinos como riesgo específico. Ya veis que aquí teneis más de una buena razón para probarlos y regalar salud!





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